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  • Flowchem industries, a leading provider of flow control products and services for the global infrastructure markets, has announced the launch of the double scotch yoke actuator ("cp" & "cy") series.
  • The "cp" series is for heavy duty and high torque application & "cy" is targeted for smaller size valves. The "cp" & "cy" is ideal where pneumatic motive power is preferred and for services requiring robust design, long service life, high-torque and high-speed operation. It is suitable for on/off, modulating and control applications of quarter-turn valves, offshore environment as well as in general, protective and safety services such as emergency shutdown (esd) or high-integrity pressure protection systems (hipps), up to and including "sil" 3 level in accordance with iec 61508.
  • Our actuators are designed to meet or exceed the most current and stringent safety and reliability standards for oil and gas services; it is the modular, pneumatic driven piston-type, scotch yoke actuator. Its maintenance interval is up to six years or as prescribed in en 15714 for high-cycle applications and an industry leading, 25 year design life, depending on service conditions, proper installation, operation and maintenance.
  • The ruggedly built "cp"/"cy" series actuators delivers up to 63 knm and a maximum allowable working pressure (mawp) of 12 bar (g), with minimal wear and maximum efficiency. The "cp"/"cy" series actuators is available in single acting spring return or double acting configurations for operation in a wide range of standard, low and high temperature environments from -29 c (-20 f) for spring return units and -60 c (-76 f) for double-acting units up to 160 c (320 f). It has been designed and manufactured in accordance with: ip66/ip66m and ip67/ip67m per en60529 and en 15714-3. It also meets global standards and approvals like ce marking as per atex 2014/34/eu;ped 2014/68/eu, md 2006/42/ec directives and "sil" capable to level 3 as per iec 61508.
  • The "cy" series will cover ball valve, butterfly valve and plug valve up to 2000nm torque and "cp" series will cover valves up to 40000nm torque.

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